By: Amber Harbin

Hello Lovelies.
     As I look back into my childhood, I realize how much hate I have endured over the years. However, I do not feel sorry for myself. It made me stronger as a person and that is why I am here today. I want to share with you some of the things I experienced and some suggestions on how to fight off hate.
        As a child, I was rejected by my own family. Not only was I rejected and put down by my family, but I was also rejected by my peers at school. My family did not like me due to the color of my hair and the color of my eyes. They also claimed I would be just like my mother and I would be a nobody. In my elementary days, I was bullied due to the color of my skin, color of my hair, the color of my eyes, and how I walked. Before I moved, I had one person who stood by me. She didn't see color or anything else. She just saw me for the person that I was. She was the only African-American who would play with me and talk to me. Even the teachers couldn't stand me, due to my color, the color of my eyes, and the color of my hair. As you can imagine, I had a pretty fucked up self-esteem. Think about it. If your family rejects you, along with your peers, something has to be off right? I am pretty sure I am not the only person to endure any hate.
     In my middle school days, even after I moved, I was still bullied. All the other girls who had the same skin color as me put me down. Why? Well, I had blonde hair and that wasn't acceptable apparently. Out of desperation to be accepted and loved, I dyed my hair brown. Also, it was a great experience to dye my hair. I was so happy. When I went to school the next day, the teasing got worse. I was called a 'poser' and told that I would never be like them. I was a blonde and would always be a blonde. Also, my current situation at home was known in school due to social services coming all the time. I was still being rejected by my family. My mom found out I was attracted to girls when she read my diary. We were already not getting along, due to her being abusive. She automatically threw the bible in my face, telling me God didn't approve and a bunch of other things. That night pushed me further away from God than I realized. 
     In my high school days, I spent most of my time at an online school. There was only one year I went to public school and I could not stand it. There was still drama, ignorance, and I was being put down for my color again and who I was. I wanted to go back to online school anyway because it was taught at a college level and I learned more. I was also sick at the time, but that's another story. 
     I didn't share my story with you guys to get sympathy. I have had enough of that. Pity will never get another second from me. I told my story to show you that yes...there is hate in the world, but you can use that hate to motivate you. We have to stand up, be the change, and be willing to get rid of the hatred in this world. I have learned so much from God on how to fight off hate and I want to share that with you. In the next post, I will explain how to fight off hate and what the founders of have to say about the same subject. 


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