Hello Lovelies.

Sadly, it is time for me to take a temporary hiatus. This is not permanent, however. I will be back and will continue on writing.

I need this hiatus. I need to stop, take a break, spend more time with God, do some research and studying, start writing on some of my articles, and take time to focus on college. There is some growing that I need to do before I continue further.

I figured this is the perfect time to take a hiatus, since my new co-author is on vacation for at least a month. It wouldn't be fair to do this when she comes back, so this is a great opportunity to take a break.

I need to rethink the purpose for this blog, what I really want to accomplish, and tap into listening to the Holy Spirit.

I DO NOT follow rules/regulation set by man in a book. I follow the HOLY SPIRIT and I need to strengthen my faith. I have been questioning my faith lately...and that is a good thing. It is a good thing to ask questions and think. What kind of life would it be for a Christian to never answer questions and act like a mindless robot? I believe God wants us to ask questions and to rebel against controlling Religions.

I also need to save up for some upgrades for the blog. If you want to donate, you can go here: http://www.gofundme.com/bspg2o

I am also going to stay off social media for a bit as well.

Keep an eye out for the blog's return!

Remember: GOD LOVES YOU and does not hate you. There is nothing wrong with you.


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