By: Ms. Bi Beauty

"I hate the word HOMOPHOBIA. It's not a PHOBIA. You're not SCARED, you're an ASSHOLE."   -Morgan Freeman


Hello you lovely people! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ms. Bi Beauty. I am a Bisexual Teenage Christian in the United States. The reason I am not giving my true identity is due to the fact that I live with extremely homophobic parents. But Amber has been delightful and allowed me to become a co-author of the blog! So here goes! 

My parents think that being homosexual is against the Bible, as do many homophobes. However, in reality, it's not! People paraphrase the Bible way too much. Besides, if we were to truly go by the Bible, we shouldn't eat bacon. So, if you like bacon, GOD HATES YOU NOW! No, he doesn't, but imagine how that would feel. That's how homosexuals's not against the Bible to be homosexual. Being homosexual is not a sin. God loves all his children, and God makes no mistakes. <3 

There are actually several parts in the Bible that support same-sex relationships. Samuel 1:26 states - "I grieve for you, my brother Jonathan. How dear you were to me! How wonderful was your love for me; better even than the love of women." What happened was this; after David defeated Goliath, Saul's eldest son, Jonathan, was taken by the handsome young man who had defeated the giant. Soon after, Jonathan was killed in an attack, and the above quote is David speaking after the man that he loved was killed. 

Also, another reason that people are generally homophobic is because they don't understand that being homosexual is NOT a choice! They think that people can just up-and-say "YES! I AM GAY TODAY!" NO! It doesn't work like that! People don't choose a life of ridicule and hate! Think about that the next time someone says "It's a choice!" 

Next time someone tries to put you down because of your sexuality, telling you that you are an abomination or a sin, just tell them that God loves me just as I am and he made me the way I am for a reason! <3 

Love to ALL! 

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