Hello lovelies. I just want to take a moment and tell you that God loves you. Do not listen to the hateful Christians who claim to know God. They do not know God, for they are full of hate and selfishness. Do not let heartless fools bring you down. You are God's masterpiece. Jesus spoke against the religious time and time again. There are religious people who think they are holier than thou and look down upon others. This is how I see the religious hypocrites.When I think of religious hypocrites, I see them going up to their mirror to praise themselves. It reminds me of the queen in the movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." They have their heads held up high, but in a conceited kind of way. Their noses are stuck up in the air, looking down upon anyone they see. They see their "righteousness" and think they are better than everyone else.
     "Mirror, Mirror...on the wall...who is the fairest one of all?" That is what goes through their minds. "God...God...my amazing God...who is the fairest religious leader of them all? Surely it can't be that other guy, for he is a gay man. It is said to stone all who disobey your law. Aren't I greatest of them all, Lord?"
     That is is exactly how I see them. However, just as the queen had her fall so will the religious hypocrites. Do not listen to the poison they feed you. They are full of crap and if you believe their crap, you will feel like crap. God wants you to be happy and to love yourself. Please love yourself. Do not let the hate get to you. People who hate do not know what love is. Do not hate them back. Give them back love! Pity them and pray for them, for they are lost.
     Let the religious in today's world worship themselves and gaze at their reflections in the mirror. If they want to adore themselves, let them do it. They claim for us not to be deceived, but it is they who are deceived into their prideful, hateful ways. Learn to receive God's grace and accept yourself. The devil wants you to hate yourself and to think bad thoughts. Do not let him win. He can work through even the people who claim to be close to God. If they judge you and persecute you, they do not walk in love or with God.

     There is nothing wrong with you. Accept your sexuality and embrace it! Go and follow the Holy Spirit! Ignore the religious and their foolishness. Pity them, pray for them, and move on. God loves you, lovelies!

                                                           I love you all,

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  1. Hi Amber - what a great Blog; it is so important that folk who are attracted to others of the same gender know that God does not hate or reject them for this! I recently attended a 'Cascade Conversation' on same sex relationships in the Scottish Episcopal Church and was encouraged by the very positive, supportive tone of the discussions. Sadly, far too many people do not experience anything like that level of acceptance within their churches - but God's love is unconditional; if only all his followers would cotton on to that! I'd love you to get involved with my new Forum - http://homocredens.freeforums.net - which I set up to try and offer support and encouragement to those struggling to reconcile their faith and their sexuality. God bless you! Anthony


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